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  • Accessible Payment Solutions for your online business requirements ( Paypal, Credit Card,... )
  • NO hidden fee, NO setup fee, NO yearly fee,...
  • Our Responsive Platform gives your website the ability to accept online payments from any device
  • Protect your business and your customers from hacking or fraud through our High Levels of Security
  • Easily integrated into file-hosting source like Xfilesharing, Yetishare,...

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Ecommerce Plug-In's

Readymade plugins for popular shopping carts platforms

Integration methods


COPYandPAY is a SAQ-A compliant payment-form solution, making it secure, simple-to-integrate onto any platform, and easily adapted to merchants' own website specifications.  

Mobile SDK

Mobile SDK makes it easy to accept payments in your mobile app on iOS and Android platforms. Integrate our ready-to-use checkout screens and customize them or build your own payment forms and use our framework in the background to process the transaction. 

Server to Server

Use server-to-server backend integration for the ability to have full control over your payment workflow. This type of integration requires PCI-DSS SAK, a certification PPGate helps you obtain.